Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012 ~ Greetings from Swedru!

Hey everybody!

It's been quite the week over here and I guess it has been quite the week over there too. Congrats Mar and having the baby! Tell Ethan his uncle Sam says hello!  That was such cool news to get today!  I don't even care about my week now! haha, but I guess I'll let you all know anyways.
So Tuesday was my very last day in Fiapre and it was really sad.  It feels like eternities ago but I guess it was only one week.  We just went and I said goodbye to everybody and the thing that killed me was that people were actually sad to see me go!  I would just tell people that I was leaving and it made them sad which made me really sad.  We went to Sister Afia's house and said goodbye and they pounded us fufu and gave us chicken light soup which is my favorite.  I'm really going to miss that family.  They always took care of me the whole time that I was there.  Then Wednesday I woke up early and went to the metro mass station and said goodbye to everybody before getting on a bus and going to Kumasi.  I got there and Elder Zoll picked us up and took us to the other bus station and we found out that the bus to cape coast was cancelled so we had to rent out a shaddy tro tro to take us down to cape.  It was a long drive but we made it safely to Cape Coast. Then Elder Weaver and I got on another tro tro and it took us all of the way over to Swedru and I got picked up there and everything was good. I was really tired but safe in Swedru.  My new companion is Elder Samai from Sierra Leone.  He came out to the mission field at the same time as Elder Belnap so I'm still a senior companion which I'm not thrilled about but what am I going to do? haha.  The rest of the week has just been crazy trying to get used to the area and everything.  Church was sweet because it was in an actual church building!  It was cool. We watched conference at church too and I was extremely excited to watch it until I found out that it was in Fante so I didn't understand anything!  So Swedru isn't on the coast but it's kind of close so today for p-day our zone went to the beach and it was so awesome!  The beach was beautiful and we played football which was a lot of fun.  I've been waiting to see the ocean for the last nine months and I finally did today!  So I'm getting used to everything here and it's been good. I miss Sunyani a lot but changes are good I guess.  Well, I'll be calling on Sunday so it will be great to hear all of you!  Love you guys!

Love Elder Kitchen

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