Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hey everybody!

So, I have some big news this week!  I am going to be transferred!  I'm very sad to be leaving Sunyani after being here for about the last 9 months but I'm ready for a change.  I will be going all of the way down to the  coast to a place called Swedru.  It will be about seven hours on a bus down to cape coast and then two hours to get over to Swedru.  It's in between cape coast and Accra.  So it will be quite the adventure.  So this week starting on Tuesday we had district meeting and both Elder Belnap and Elder Mensah from my apartment instructed and they did a great job.  Then nothing else really happened.  Wednesday we met with a guy who had met with the missionaries in about 2004 and he seems interested again.  He really wanted us to bring him a Book of Mormon because that is pretty much all that he remembered.  We also went to Sister Affiah's and she gave us Konkonte.  It's kind of like fufu and it was pretty good. Not really my favorite but that's okay.  Then that night is when President called Elder Belnap and told him that he was going to be a trainer!  He is going to be a really good trainer, a lot better than I was. When we got the call, we knew that I would most likely be going because he probably wouldn't train in a new area.  On Friday we went by Bertha's because she finally came back from Accra and I told her I would most likely be going.  She was sad but understood.  They were making fufu so they made us stay to eat some.  It was pretty good but the one thing that I didn't like is that I ended up eating a fish head!  The little thing was just staring at me in the soup!  Then I started at the base where the brain is and ate it from there! The weirdest part was eating the mouth of it. Haha.  Then on friday we went and got pizza because it would be my last time doing that.  Right after we went and saw Gladis and she took us to get fufu from that shady chop bar again and the soup was so spicy.  African spicy is a little different then Mexican spicy and it killed me.  Also, we ate antelope and it was actually really good.  There was no fat and it was kind of tender.  That night we had a lesson with Emmanuel and Bernice and it went great.  Emmanuel is such a good kid and I'm going to miss him.  Saturday we had some good lessons and everything and I was just dying waiting for the transfer calls to come.  They finally came and that is when I found out that I was going to Swedru.  Then church on sunday was sad because it was my last in Fiapre.  I gave my farewell testimony and it made me really sad that I would probably never see any of them again.  After church we went with the Thaynes to their place and they did the training for Elder Belnap.  Then Sister Thayne brought out dinner and it was enchiladas!  We had such an awesome dinner with them and it was so much fun to just talk and everything.  I had my first real sunday dinner in about 9 months!  The Thaynes are so cool and I'm really going to miss them since I am leaving Sunyani.  So I had an interesting week but it was good. So next week I will be emailing from clear down, pretty much on the coast.  So until next week everyone! 

Love Elder Kitchen

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