Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013

Hey everybody!

This week has been another good one.  During the week we went on splits so that I could go and do an interview for the other Elders in our apartment.  We went out to a small village called Nuamakrom where they have a ward there.  It used to be part of the others proselyting area but now it is going to be a part of my proselyting area from now going because of the splitting of our ward.  It's about a 20 minutes taxi drive to the place on a really crappy dirt road. The taxis that go on that road are so crappy and your shirt gets very dusty when you even just sit on the seats.  By the time you get to the place, your shirt is completely covered in dust.  The interview went well and then we went around a little bit and he showed me some of the members that we will be working with and some other things about the area before we came back.  That place is cool.  We are going to be going there this coming Friday to meet some of the investigators and get to know the area better.  We don't have any baptism dates set right now but we are hopefully going to have some people progressing really soon.  It's going to be a little slower now that we are in the new branch in Praso.  Last night we went to a family home evening with one of the members and they gave us a huge bowl of fufu with fish and goat and it was so good.  I felt like I was going to die because I was so full.  Then he took us back to our apartment in his car which was awesome because it's rare that we get to ride in a nice car.  So life is going well right now and I'm happy. I guess I'll just talk to you all next week! Thanks for everything!

Love Elder Kitchen

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