Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 8, 2013

Hey everybody!

So another transfer had come and gone and my companionship wasn't effected so I'll be with my companion for at least another 8 weeks because this transfer is an extended one.  The day after zone council, my companion and I went to Assin Foso to meet with the stake presidency there and it went great.  We went back to the zone leaders apartment there in Foso and slept there for the night and then came back to Praso early the next morning.  Before we went to Foso, we did a service project for one of the other companionship's investigator.  We helped weed and move big cement blocks around to help the mason who is building the place for the woman to live.  It was a lot of fun but really tiring.  For lunch the other companionship and us went to the apartment and made a big french toast lunch.  It was a lot of fun and it was good to see their investigator so happy.  Two Sundays ago, our ward was split into a ward and a branch so my companion and I are in the branch and there will be a lot of work to do there.  The membership is much smaller and the proselyting area won't be that easy, but we'll still manage.  Transfer news came and took two of our elders from the zone and we'll be sad to miss them but we'll be getting two good ones in return.  Our area is tough sometimes because most of the people don't speak english so we are always having to take people around with us to translate.  In the bigger cities it isn't as bad because more people speak english.  That's one of the challenges of being more in the villages but you usually get to baptize more people.  Well, everything is still cool here.  It was good to hear from all of you. Have a wonderful week!

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