Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

Hey Everyone!

This week was pretty awesome if I could say the least! Haha.  So from the start, on Wednesday we had transfers and so we had to pick up the two new Elders that were coming to our apartment and also we were going to help the Odoben Elders pick up the new missionaries that they were going to start training. The morning I got a text from the Odoben Elders saying the one of them was going to be training Elder Hintze!  So he came to be in my district and I saw him on Wednesday and helped him get on a tro tro to go to his new area.  He's in a great area with 3 other great missionaries.  So then Thursday was spent showing around the two new missionaries in our area because they are taking part of our area.  So we weren't really able to get much work done until Friday.  Friday just seemed like a great day. Because there are 4 missionaries in my area now, Elder Moore and I will be able to focus much better on one part of our area and I'm really excited about it. We will mostly be proselyting in a small town right outside of Swedru called Ekwamkrom.  It's much less busy and a little bit more villagy you could say.  Then Saturday I went to Cape Coast for a meeting for all of the district leaders. It was fun to go there and then at the end we got brownies and ice cream!  It was very delicious.  Sunday was also a great day because we were able to go and teach a family that was referred to us by the 1st counselor.  The lesson went great and we also went and ate dinner at the 1st counselors house right after that.  Then today Elder Moore and I went to the Odoben chapel and played basketball with the Odoben Elders so I was able to see Elder Hintze today and it was a lot of fun!  This week has just seemed like a really rewarding week.  Elder Moore and I have really been focusing on being as obedient as possible...not that we were being disobedient before but we are really focusing on it and I can promise that we are seeing the blessings!  It's just been a great week!  Thanks for everything everybody! I love you all and have a great week!

Love Elder Kitchen

Elder Kitchen ~ I'm on top of the world!

Elder Bush, Elder Kitchen and Elder Hintze

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