Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hey family!

So this week was a pretty hectic but fun week.  On Tuesday we had a mission conference in Cape Coast so the whole mission came and met up and we had a big meeting.  The meeting and everything went great but they funnest part of the night didn't happen until later.  We weren't able to get back to Swedru until late and all of the Elders the stay at Odoben had to end up staying the night at our apartment.  There were six of us and only two mattresses.  Let's just say the sleeping arrangements were two mattresses, 8 chairs, and a Muslim praying mat.  We didn't get any sleep at all! Haha, but it was a lot of fun.  Almost like we were back home having a big sleepover, but then reality hit when we had to wake up early and get back to missionary work.  Elder Moore was sick on Saturday so we weren't able to go out so I just spent the whole day reading out of the Old Testament.  I'm now over halfway done with reading the Old Testament and it is really interesting.    As we have been working in the small town called Ekwamkrom, the work has been going really well.  Right now we have about three people after this week that we are pretty sure that they will be baptized soon as well as maybe a couple of others.  Sunday was really busy after church because we just kept moving from appointment to appointment and almost all of our lessons we had a member with us.  We are going to try and start doing a rotating FHE with the member families in Ekwamkrom on Sunday nights where they can bring their friends and we can also just teach the members how they can help us.  So everything is going great this week!  I don't think there was anything else that really happened.  Have a great week everybody!  

I love you all!

Love Elder Kitchen           

Mission Conference 2012

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