Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

Hey fam!

So this week I don't have much to update about.  This week was just normal.  Yesterday was a good day at church because we had about six investigators come to church.  We've still been working mainly in that small town called Ekwamkrom and it has seemed to give us some good results.  The members that live there are really trying to help us out as much as they can and it is a great help.  Without the members help, missionary work especially in Ghana would just fail.  The members need to be involved or it won't work.  They especially help us with the language barrier.  I hate not being able to talk with a lot of the people here but it's what we have to do I guess.  I wish they would teach us Twi in the MTC.  Our most progressing investigator is named Brother Wilson and he already considers himself a member.  He is even bringing family and friends to the church so it has been really cool.  Hopefully we should be having a baptism in October with an unknown number of people.  We will just have to see what happens by that time.  Last night the Odoben Elders slept at our place again and then we all went early to Cape Coast and we had a really fun football match there.  We played 7 on 7 and the team I was on ended up taking it all!  I played keeper the whole time and it was awesome.  I got burned pretty bad though.  I don't understand why I can go and proselyte all day in the sun and not get burned but I play sports in the sun for a few hours and I get burned. It doesn't make any sense.  This week might be busy because I possibly have to have 10 baptism interviews in my district which would be a lot of work but it would be cool because it would mean that the work was progressing in my district!  Well fam, nothing much else happened this week.  I hope that everything is great and I was happy to hear from all of you. Have a great week everybody!

Love Elder Kitchen 

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