Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

How's it going everybody!?

This past week was our transfers and so the two other elders in our apartment left on transfer and the zone leaders moved in. They are Elder Boakye from Ghana and Elder Brown for Australia (Brown was in my apartment in Praso).  All of the transfers were a success, but it really didn't affect us too much.  I had to start back into the district leader stuff by doing an interview on Friday. I actually enjoy doing baptism interviews because I get to meet the people that the missionaries have taught and are wanting to be baptized.  We've been teaching a girl almost everyday for the last week and she came to church which makes it the third time in a row now. She used to be a Muslim, but now she wants to be a Christian.  She is progressing really well and the ward members are fellow shipping her as well.  We ended up having a baptism this week for a guy named Clement.  He's been coming to church for a while now and so it was good for him to finally be able to get baptized.  We had three investigators come to church on Sunday...two of them it was their third time and then the other one it was his first time. The members have been doing well with bringing people to church.  All three of them have come because of members referrals. The best way to do missionary work is certainly with the members.  I think almost all of my success has come through working with the members. I'm happy that I am being able to serve in an area that has a good solid foundation of members that are able to help us.  It makes the work so much more effective.  Now that I'm on my final transfer...the weeks just seem to be going a little bit too fast. I can't believe that it is almost over.  I'm still loving every second of it though.  Today all of the new guys were talking about food from home and it make me a little bit more excited to come home! ;) haha I'm just kidding. I've actually been eating really well lately. Last night, I cut up some potatos into cubes and then boiled chicken and cut it into chunks and then fried them together and ate it with ketchup. It was so good. Even if you add ramen noodles to it, it becomes like a stir fry thing.  I'm just making the most out of what I have. :)  Well, I think that's about it for this week.  I'll talk to you guys later! 

Love Elder Kitchen

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