Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Hey everybody!

I've had another great week.  We are moving closer to my last baptism which should be this coming Saturday.  We have had lot of people that have started progressing really well. We had another new person come to church on Sunday and so we had five investigators come to church.  I'm pretty sure of all of them being baptized but it just depends on when they will get baptized. Most of them are probably going to be in September or something.  I've been really lucky lately because we haven't been having to do a lot of finding. It's just been a lot of member referrals and we are so busy with them that we don't have to go around contacting or anything which I don't really enjoy doing.  A girl that we are teaching named Jennifer took us and introduced us to her older sister who lives not too far away and we are going to start teaching her this coming week.  Hopefully if the sister starts coming to church then Jennifer's parents will start letting Jennifer come with her older sister.  This week I'll be pretty busy because I have to do quite a few baptism interviews for other missionaries throughout the week and so I'll be all over the place.  Today is my two year mark which is pretty weird because I'm still here...with two more weeks...haha. My ministerial card even says that it expires today.  It's all good though. I won't ever have this experience again and so two extra weeks is okay with me. Well,  I don't really know what else to say...hope all is well! Talk to you next week...for maybe the last time in Ghana! Love you all!

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