Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 10, 2011

Hey everybody!

How is everything going?  So this week was just another normal week for me.  Nothing really special happened. Last Tuesday the power went off at night so it was extremely hot because I wasn't able to sleep with my fan on.  It was transfer week so we went and dropped off a couple of the elders to the bus station because they were leaving Sunyani.  Luckily when we got back the power came back on.  Then we just had a normal day of going out and teaching.  We were going to have have family home evening but because there were a few clouds which made it look like it was going to rain...nobody came!  Some of these people are just too scared of the rain.  It was really annoying because we had planned everything that we were going to do and everything but we just had to sit around and waste our night.  Then the power went off again at the same time as the night before so we had to sleep without fans again!  Sleeping without a fan is not easy here in Ghana.  I heard this week that this is the 4th hottest mission!! I believe it too.  So the next day we got our electricity fixed because we didn't want it to happen again.  It costed us 110 cedis, but it wasn't our money, so I'm just glad that it got fixed.  That day the new Elder came up.  His name is Elder Obasi from Nigeria.  Friday was sweet because we had some good lessons.  Our first lesson was with Vivian.  She said that she still plans on getting baptized at the end of this month so that is pretty sweet.  Also, there is a couple named Harriet and Reginald.  They are from Accra and they are awesome.  They are probably the smartest people that I know in Ghana.  The lesson was just so awesome with them.  We taught them about the first vision and the Book of Mormon.  They were really interested and it just was really sweet.  The only problem is that we can't meet them very often.  They are really busy because they both work and travel a lot.  Hopefully everything keeps going good with them.  Saturday one of our members made us some fufu for dinner.  It was so good!  I really like fufu now.  It was in a chicken soup and it was just delicious.  Sunday was just a normal day as well.  The power all over Fiapre was out though so we couldn't turn on our air conditioner or fans so it was not comfortable at all!  The power came back on right as church was ending.  I saw a bunch of people trying to beat up a guy because he tried to steal something.  It was really weird.  It just made me think that this is one of the reasons that Ghana is still not progressing very much.  I still love the people though, it was just a little weird to see that and there was nothing that I could do.  Then it started to pour so we had to run back to the apartment.  We couldn't do anything else because of the rain so we just sat around in the apartment.  Then today we went and played volleyball. It was a lot of fun.  I miss playing sports all of the time.  Oh yeah, I'm going to buy some weights from my companion.  He got them for 120 cedis but I'm going to get them for like 60 cedis.  It seems like a lot but I really need something to work out with.  Also, I will be able to sell them when I am done with them so it's all good.  So that was my week...just an average week for an African missionary.  I hope everything is going well back home!  I love you guys!

Love Elder Kitchen


Hey Mom!

I wish that we had some more fruits and vegetables.  I eat an egg sandwich every morning and then maybe some rice or Indo Mie (top ramen) and then maybe I will make some tortillas or something with some beans and stuff for dinner.  There really isn't any variety here.  I had fufu this weekend though and I loved it!  We are still a unit not a branch.  The other three units became branches.  Fiapre is the one that has been here for the shortest amount of time.  I think in December it will be one year.  Yes, me and Elder Hernandez are still companions.  I'm not sure about next transfer though.  That is in the middle of November.  I can't wait for that thing.  I hope that I get it soon because I need some good food.  I was thinking that maybe if you could send some of that whey protein stuff.  It might be able to fit in a flat rate envelope.  I am trying to work out in the morning and also I don't really get any protein so I was thinking that it might help me out.  Just let me know what you think.  I can't wait to get packages...they are the best. Thanks for fasting for me. :) I'm having fun, but it is really hard at the same time.  So, how is work and everything going?  Is school still going good?  Well, thanks for all of the support!  I love you and miss you a lot!  Have a great week! 

Love Sam

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