Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011 ~ Sweetness

What's up everybody?
How is everything going?  This week was pretty sweet.  I'll start with last Tuesday.  That day was our p-day and after we did everything in town and stuff, we came back and made some barbeque chicken that the Bennett's had left us and it was really good. Then for dessert, we all pitched in and Elder Eldredge made us some brownies, they were so delicious!  The next day was just full of lessons. We had some good lessons with Harriett and with Vivian.  Harriett is really awesome, but we aren't really able to teach her very often.  Vivian is the one who we baptized this last Saturday.  I started reading the Book of Mormon a week and a half ago or so and I'm in about Alma chapter 45 or something.  I really love that book!  It has the sweetest stories in it!  Then the next day, I went on splits with Elder Obasi because Elder Eldredge had to go and interview Vivian for the baptism.  That day was sweet because I was playing the leader because it was my area and I actually felt like I did pretty good.  Then Sister Affiah made us some dinner and I don't really know what it was called.  It was plantains and some sauce stuff.  It was pretty good.  Then on Friday, the Zoll's came up.  They are the couple missionaries down in Kumasi and they are awesome!  They bought us pizza and talked to us about how they are the ones who we call for emergencys now and stuff.  It was a really sweet day.  Then on Saturday, we had my first baptism!  It was a really sweet experience.  Vivian is such a nice lady and one of our strongest members now.  After that, our day went downhill and everybody was failing their appointments.  So during dinner, Elder Hernandez and I carved watermelons for Halloween!  We couldn't find pumpkins so we just stuck to watermelons.  It actually worked really well.  Then on sunday, I gave another talk and then I confirmed Vivian during church.  I was really nervous to do it because it was my first time.  Then that night, Vivian called us and told us to come over so we did and she was making us fufu.  It was really good. I also have to say that I ate every part of the chicken that was given to me...spine and all. Haha you guys are all more picky then I am now!  and for dessert we came back to the apartment and made brownies again.  So that was my week.  It was pretty sweet and I had a lot of fun.  I hope that you all are good back home!  I'm praying for you guys all the time!  I love you and talk to you next week! 
Love Elder Kitchen
Elder Hernandez, Vivian, and Elder Kitchen at Vivian's Baptism

Elder Kitchen and Winnefred (little girl that we are teaching her older brother)

Elder Kitchen and Phillip the watermelon (no pumpkins available)

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