Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011

Hello everybody!

This week has been a pretty sweet week.  We didn't really get to go out and proselyte too much.  Darn!  haha, I'm not too disappointed. Last Tuesday I instructed at my first district meeting.  I was pretty nervous to do it.  I don't think that I did a very good job, but it is done and over with and I did it. Haha.  We also are teaching a man named Elijah and he is really cool.  He seems like he is really accepting everything that we teach him.  We asked him if he would be baptized at the end of October and he said that he would if learns a little more about the church!  Hopefully he will continue to want to learn more.  After that, we went to the Eusbett Hotel restaurant and had some PIZZA!!!  It was the first American food that I have had since I have been here.  The only problem is that I may or may not have spent 12 cedis to get it and I also may or may not have bought 9 cedis worth of Dr. Pepper to go along with it....Hey!  Don't be getting mad at me!  It was something that had to be done!  Also, our district leader was with us and he just went home today and so we had to have a party for him.  So I spent a grand total of 21 cedis and all of that stuff and I only get 120 cedis in a month! haha, I'm still on track for the rest of the month.  It was sooooo goood!!!!  I love pizza.  The next day, our district leader was still on splits with us in our apartment because his companion was in a meeting down in cape coast for a couple of days, so me, Elder Hernandez, and Elder Vanchiere went to his area to go to some of his appointments.  I got some sweet sunglasses that I would never ever wear back home, but I thought, "What the heck?! I'm in Africa."  I'll have to send you a picture of them sometime.  After that, we came back to Fiapre to have family night, but again, it got rained out.  It absolutely poured on that day!  I had to run through it and I got so soaked.  So we just decided to make some no-bake cookies and stuff because we couldn't go out.  Then on the 29th, we had our cleaning day because apartment checks were the next day.  We spent the whole entire day cleaning that dang apartment!  It was super clean after though.  Then the next day, President and Sister Shulz came up and did the apartment checks and interviews.  It was fun to see them because we don't really ever get to see them up here in Sunyani.  Mom, I noticed in your email that you saw pictures of Sister Shulz's blog and it talked about them coming up and having a conference.  That was up where I am in Sunyani.  They made 3 out of the 4 units into branches up here.  The only one that isn't a branch now is ours.  The church has only been up in Sunyani for one year now.  So on Saturday, we just set up everything for that conference and stuff and we all just hung out as a zone.  The assistants drove us around and stuff so we had a lot of fun.  Some members made all of us some Fufu and it was really good.  I really like Fufu now.  Right after that, we went back to the Bennett's apartment and had a pancake party!!!!  I was already full, but those pancakes were delicious.  So on Sunday we had our District Conference.  It was sweet to not have to plan church for one week.  After the conference and everything, another member make all of us some Fufu because a couple of the Elders left this week.  There was so much Fufu!  It was really good though.  I have eaten more African food this weekend then I have the whole time that I have been in Ghana.  haha.  So that was my week.  Really busy with a lot of different things.  This week is going to be back to normal.  I'm actually kind of glad for that.  It is transfer week this week just if you were wondering.  So I have now been out in Sunyani for one transfer.  Well, I hope everything is going well at home.  Tell everybody hello and that I love them.  Talk to you next week!

Love Elder Kitchen

p.s. Happy Birthday to Brett and Jeff! I hope you had a great birthday Brett and Jeff, I hope that you have a great birthday as well!

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