Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

Hey everybody!

So this week was pretty crazy.  Wednesday was transfer day and as I told you before, I got a new companion.  We went to the bus station early in the morning and dropped off Elder Hernandez because he got transfered down to Kumasi.  Then I just went around all day with the other two missinaries that are in my apartment.  Then at about 6:00 that night, we went to go and pick up my new companion.  He is just getting out from the MTC.  His name is Elder Belnap from Idaho.  He is a great missionary so we should be doing a lot of good soon.  So when we picked him up we went back to the apartment so that he could get all set up with everything. Being the trainer is not as easy as it was to be the new guy.  Now I'm the one who is having to make the decisions. It's helping me grow a lot faster though.  Then, the next morning was just a normal day.  We went out and had a lot of good lessons.  The rest of the weekend just went the same too.  A lot of people commited to come to church, but of course....only one of the investigators came.   I even called one of the people and they said that they were coming, but they never showed up.  The people here are very nice, but they don't really know how to keep their promises.  So we started out church with like 10 people there, but we ended up having about 21 people come to church so it was a pretty slow week.  Then all of our appointments failed that afternoon so it was a real downer. Africans eat a lot of fufu and also some stuff called Banku.  I'm not a huge fan of all their food, but I'm starting to get used to some of it. They don't really like sugar too much but they like it a little bit.  Not as much as I do.  I can't believe it is already almost Thanksgiving.  We are planning to use the mashed potatos and gravy stuff that Mom sent and then buying some chicken and having a good thanksgiving feast.  So, that was my week, crazy, but at the same time, just as it always is.  I hope everybody is doing well.  Have a great week everybody!

Love Elder Kitchen

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