Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8, 2011

Hello everybody!

So...I have some big news for the week this week!  I got to eat cereal for the first time since I have been in Ghana!....wait a second, that's not the big news.  I'll just tell you the big news in the course of this email.  So started out as just a normal week.  Nothing too special was happening.  We were just teaching some lessons everyday and doing our work, but that was about it.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie with one of our members this week and that was fun. I am still in awe when I see what the members of the church had to go through when the church began.  I honestly don't think I could have done it if I would have been there. Nothing else really happened until the fifth.  This is when the big news came about....I guess I should just tell you.  I got a call from President Shulz and guess what...?  I'm going to be a trainer!  Yes, yes I know....you are probably thinking the exact same thing I was.  I'm guessing your thoughts are going something like this...."Sam, a trainer!? He just barely got there!  What are those people thinking!  Him and the new
guy are going to get themselves killed!"  So, if they aren't your thoughts, they are mine. Haha.  I'm not as nervous as I was before, but I still am pretty nervous.  So that is the reason that I did not email yesterday. I had to go down to Kumasi for a training of the trainers meeting.  The meeting was good.  We got down there and President and Sister Shulz were there and we just talked about training.  Then we had dessert and it was so good!  It was brownies with strawberry ice cream and then chocolate syrup on top.  I slept over at the Asokwa apartment and then just came back to Sunyani.  I really hate that bus ride.  Oh well, so that's how my week went.  Not too bad I guess.  Oh yeah, this morning I had cereal at the Zoll's and it was so good! Well, I hope everybody has a good week!  I love you guys!

Love Elder Kitchen

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