Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12, 2011

How is everything going?  We had a pretty good week over here.  It started off with me giving the instruction at District Meeting.  I did it on Jacob chapter 5, the allegory of the olive tree.  I had a lot of fun with it even though I probably made myself more confused in the end. Haha.  Then the rest of the week was left with mainly teaching lessons.  The things that used to be funny or weird here are now completely normal so it is sometimes hard to think of fun or crazy experiences.  I run around chasing goats and roosters and scaring them.  I also get yelled at by little kids all of the time because I'm white. Haha.  A lot of people say, "White man, how are you?" So I say "Black man, I'm fine."  It's funny because it sounds weird but it's completely normal to them.  Maybe I can think of some other fun things to tell you while we are talking on the phone.  This Saturday I finished the Book of Mormon again.  So that was the second time I have finished it since I have been out here.  I read quite a bit this last week just for fun.  I love the part towards the end of Alma where Moroni send Ammaron an epistle and talks about how if he doesn't stop then he's going to hunt them down and kill them. Ha! He is just such a stud. It's going to be sweet to meet him someday.  Then sunday was pretty good because President and Sister Shulz were able to come to our church for sacrament meeting then we went and had a district meeting where President instructed and it was awesome.  I love being able to see President and Sister Shulz because they hardly ever come up here because they are so far away.  We were so hungry after though because we hadn't been able to eat since morning so we went back to eat but the problem was that we had run out of propane for the stove the night before so we had to cook on a little charcoal African stove thing.  Today has been a good day as well so far.  We ate fufu today for lunch and it was really good.  The chicken was delicious too.  So that was my week. I hope everything is going well.  I love all of you and hope you are having a wonderful Christmas time! :)
Love Elder Kitchen

Sam eating pizza!!!  He looks so happy. :)

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  1. Sam, that pizza looks pretty good. I can't believe they have pizza in Ghana. Maybe you'll get some good stuff to eat in your Christmas gifts. Keep up the good work! Grandma and Grandpa Peterson