Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

Hey everybody!
Dang, I am just freezing my butt off right now. This vodafone cafe has way nice air conditioning! So this week has been pretty good.  Today has probably been the best part so far.  I'll tell you more about today later on though.  So we have been teaching some good investigators.  One of my favorite is probably a guy named Frank. He is a teacher at a school and he is very smart.  I love going to teach him because he always reads everything that we leave him and he understands it very well.  We have been teaching him the plan of salvation right now. We are trying to start to teach his wife as well and that would be sweet because I don't really teach a lot of families here.  This Friday was a lot of fun because it was different.  We had to go and get our bikes that were getting fixed at the repair shop so I ended up going with Elder Eldredge to get them.  Then we had to ride them out to some place and it was really far because Elder Eldredge had to do a baptism interview.  Then we rode all of the way back to Fiapre and I was dying by that point.  It was a lot of fun though. Then we stopped at Lizzy's Fried Rice and then I switched back with Elder Belnap.  Then we went and taught some sweet lessons so it was a lot of fun.  A lot of our investigators are leaving for a month because they are students and they are on break now.  So we have to find some new investigators.  Saturday was just normal.  We went to the baptism that was happening at Nkwabeng and that was good. Then on Sunday I conducted sacrament meeting in Twi and English because we had a member write down what to say in Twi. I did terrible but the members were happy.  Then I helped in primary and we taught them how to make paper snowflakes and we helped them write Christmas cards.  So that was my last week. So today has been awesome because we are in Kumasi right now.  We came down and played a big football match.  It was a lot of fun to see everybody there.  Then we just talked with a bunch of people for a while.  It was sweet to see Elder Francom there because he went to Viewmont too!  It was weird seeing a familiar face.  Now we are just emailing at the sweet vodafone cafe and then we are going to go and shop around in Kumasi for fun.  I'm not looking forward to the drive back up's just too long, especially when you are riding in a dang tro!  haha.  So I have been having fun.  It hasn't felt like Christmas yet so I haven't been homesick or anything.  I'll bet I would be if it were snowing and they were celebrating Christmas like we did.  So I hope everybody has a great week! I'm excited to talk to everybody! Whoever wants to talk just go over to Mom or Dad's house and Christmas and we'll all talk! Talk to ya soon!
Love Elder Kitchen

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