Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

Hey everybody!

 It's been a pretty good week this week. Starting with last Tuesday I guess that was Valentines Day. We had a good lesson with Frank and he told us that he believes it's all true but he is just having a difficult time leaving his church.  The next day was kind of rough because everybody was failing their appointments and so we just went and ate rice at Lizzy's. She always gives us a lot of rice and only for two cedis. Then we went to have a lesson with Vivian and it turns out that she was making us food! She made both Elder Belnap and I a huge plate of rice each. I was already extremely full and looking at that mountain of rice made me want to cry but I had to eat it. So we both finished it and I felt like I couldn't move. We had to just waddle out of there and head to our next appointment. I felt sick but everything turned out okay. Haha. Then one Thursday I got some mail and two packages! Thank you for all of the stuff! It has been really great. We had our first night of institute that night too. We decided to have a class every Thursday night so people can come and have an activity during the week. After that I headed over to Penkwase to be on splits with another Elder. So Friday I was over in Penkwase all day and it was pretty fun. I think that I do like my area better but that is okay. While I was there I had another experience of eating so much that I wanted to throw up. I had a huge lunch that Elder Nwatu made for me and then a few hours later a member fed us so much food! I'm probably going to get fat if I keep eating like this. So on Sunday we had church and quite a few people came and most of them were on time so it was pretty awesome. I think we had about 34 people counting the missionaries. Then after church we just passed by some people saying hello to them and then had a lesson with Charlotte. Today we woke up to having no water but luckily it has come back since so hopefully it stays on. We did our wash and everything and now we are just getting all of our p-day stuff done. So there's my week. I hope everyone is doing well. I love you guys and will hear from you next week!

Love Elder Kitchen

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