Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012


Well, this is the second time that I am writing this. I was about halfway through and of course all of the computers just turn off right as I am typing. Oh well, I guess I will just write this again. So my week was pretty  good but not a whole lot happened. Earlier this week we went to Gladis' and she was cooking her food that she was going to sell the next day so we helped her with it. We have been stopping by Gladis' a lot lately because we are trying to make sure that she is ready for her baptism at the end of this month. Gladis is funny...for some reason she just randomly does her funny laugh and then says, "Elder Kitchen, you are lazyyy!" Haha I don't know why she says it but it makes me laugh. Then later in the week we were just passing by the shop where we always get stuff from and the girl who sells the stuff started talking to us and we somehow got on the subject that she didn't think that I could catch a little goat that was outside of the shop. So I just went out and caught the thing! Haha it was so awesome. She gave me a little chocolate from the store for doing it too. Then that night we had a lesson with Nancy who has been away on vacation since December from school and it went well. She promised to read the Book of  Mormon so hopefully she does it. Then on Saturday we had a fireside for all of Sunyani. We went to it with Gladis and then Bertha and her family showed up so it was pretty sweet. A member from each area spoke at the fireside and then there was a baptism after that and it went great. After that we had to say goodbye to Elder Speechly because he is going home this week. I'm going to miss that guy. Oh yeah, I also found out that I am going to be staying  here in Fiapre for at least one more transfer so at least until about March 20 or so, but maybe longer then that...we will see. Sunday was a little crazy. Of course the kids were the main part of the craziness! I love them but sometimes they just make me want to die! Then last night we watched On the Lord's Errand with Sister Affiah an her family. Then this morning  has been pretty boring because it was our cleaning P-day so all we did this morning was clean. So, that was my  week...

Well have a great week and you'll hear from me next Monday!

 Love Elder Kitchen

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