Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

 Hey everybody!

We had a good week this week. I'll start with last Tuesday. So on Tuesday we were able to get a microphone and speaker for our unit! The Nkwabeng branch had an extra microphone so they gave one to us. We were all pretty excited to get that for sacrament meeting. Then we went to district meeting and that went really well. On Wednesday we met the new Couple. It is Elder and Sister Thayne. It was really fun to meet them and they are great. They seem a little culture shocked, but who isn't when you come here. The AP's took us back to our area and we went and saw one of the people that Elder Hair used to teach because he was in Fiapre. Then on Thursday we were started our institute class that we have on Thursdays and right as it started there was a big rain storm. It hasn't really rained since November but this was a huge storm. The wind was going crazy and then there was awesome lighting everywhere. The lights started to spaz out and then we were running on about 1/4 current for a while before it went out for the night. It felt good though because we just opened up the windows and let the breeze in. The next morning the lights were still out but they fixed them pretty quick. During the storm, we walked Vivian home because we wanted to make sure she got home alright so we got really wet but it was fun. Then on Friday we had a lesson with an investigator named Nancy. She is really smart and she is a lot of fun to teach because she understands so much. She wasn't able to come to church though because she is in Kumasi for school for the weekend. Then on Saturday the Zoll's came up with Elder Willyerd to help the Thayne's with all of their computer stuff. Elder Belnap went into town with Elder Willyerd and his companion to go around with him and get supplies that they needed. It was fun to be with Elder Willyerd for a little while because I haven't really seen him very much since the MTC. Then at night we were going to havea baptism for one of Elder Obasi and Elder Mensah's investigators buthe wasn't quite ready. Then on sunday we just had a normal day at church and then after that we went to Bertha's house and they fed us some Banku and it was pretty good. They just love to feed us. Then we went to go and watch Mountain of the Lord at Sister Affiah's house but the power went out so we couldn't do anything. Then this morning I just did my wash and everything. Nothing too special today but the past week wasn't too bad. So until next week! Everyone be safe and I love you all!

Love Elder Kitchen

P.s.  I ate this really thick nasty rubbery cow skin this week. It was gross and I had to eat so much of it. I just thought I would tell you.

Elder Kitchen eating sugar kenkey.

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  1. I think you jumped ahead a month to March ;)