Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Hey everybody!

That's awesome news that Penny came this week!  I wish that I could have seen some pictures! ;)  but that's okay. Haha. Maybe next week. It also sounds like next week I should be expecting Noah so that's really cool.  So this last week was pretty good.  Tuesday was district meeting and Elder Bush gave a really good instruction on personal revelation.  We were all sharing stories about how we have feel the Lord's hand in our missionary work so far and it was really good.  Afia has been progressing really well and says that she knows that what we are teaching is true but she said that she needs a little bit of time, especially to tell her family because they aren't members.  Hopefully it keeps going well.  Wednesday the zone leaders came on splits with us and it was sweet.  All of our appointments failed but we talked to and met a lot of people that day.  This week hasn't been crazy or anything but it's just been normal.  I woke up on Sunday and I couldn't believe that it is July.  Last July felt like it was just yesterday!  Time really does fly when you are out here.  People aren't kidding.  Life is going well though.  I feel like lately I've really started to love the people a lot more then before.  I think that has just come with time I guess.  It's so awesome though.  I really love Ghana even though it's a freakin' crazy place.  The mission officially split on Sunday too so that was sad because Elder Hunt and Elder Larsen are up there.  Today we had a fun activity in cape coast and we played football on the beach and frisbee as well.  I hurt my ankle but luckily it only hurts if I move it a lot. If I just walk then there are no problems.  Everything else is sweet though.  Just pushing along with the work!  I love you guys! Have a great week everybody!

Love Elder Kitchen

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