Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hey everybody!
So this week was kind of slow at first but it ended up being a really good week.  This weekend at the church they organized a couples night for the adults and they invited us missionaries to be there because they were hoping to have lots of non-members at the event. We showed up and it was pretty small at first but a lot of people ended up coming to it.  They just did a small class thing first and Elder Moore and I had to make it so all of the kids that were there didn't disturb.  We turned into babysitters for about an hour and I was sweating pretty hard the whole time. Those little ones were stressing me out!  Then they all came back outside and had a big dinner and it was a lot of fun.  Some of our investigators came and we also ended up getting about 20 names and numbers of people that were there that we could call to try and go teach!  Hopefully the members that brought them will actually help us though.  Then on Sunday we had our branch conference and there were quite a lot of people that came.  We were also able to get some referrals there as well so we should be doing pretty well when it comes to having people to teach.  I wanted to try and think of something funny that happened this week but I don't really notice weird things anymore. Everyday seems to be an adventure when you are a missionary in the Ghana Cape Coast mission! haha.  So...another week down and I'm still livin'. I'm happy and having a great time here in Ghana!  I love all you guys back home! Have a great week!
Love Elder Kitchen

p.s. Go to lds.org and read the story about Elder Holland in Africa...I liked it. :D

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