Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 6, 2012

Hey everybody!

So this week I hit my one year which was pretty crazy....it feels like I just got here a few months ago and now I'm halfway done!  This week we have been trying to prepare a few people for baptism.  Especially Daniel, he has been progressing really well.  Daniel's baptism will be this weekend and he is really excited for it.  He hasn't missed a week of church since we started to see him and he always contributes well in classes and you can tell he is excited to be baptized.  I think he is probably the most prepared person that I've taught before his baptism.  We have also been trying to get Eric, Mercy and their kids ready for baptism.  The only thing really slowing it down right now is that it is really hard to meet with Eric.  He is a firefighter so he works a lot and his hours are pretty crazy.  Mercy told us that her and the kids are ready to be baptized so we just have to talk with Eric and see what happens but I'm sure everything will work out.  We've been going up to a little village called Obuasi the last few weeks with the 1st and 2nd counselors and it has been great.  We have taught some really smart and good people up there.  Hopefully if they get enough members there then they can just start a little group up there so that they don't have to go so far to get to church.  That is where the 2nd counselor currently lives.  For my one year celebration we went to a place that makes pizza and also french fries so we got that and it was so good!  I do love the food here but I sure miss American food...especially after that meal!  I guess you could say that this week was just another normal week.  It was good talkin' to ya'll! I'll be looking forward to talking to you again next week!

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