Friday, October 5, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hey everybody!

I can't believe I am already emailing again!  This week went so fast!  We did have a pretty successful week.  I had to do 10 baptism interviews so that was just crazy. I did five on one day and then five the next day.  This week I went on splits with Elder Bush in Odoben so Elder Hintze went to my area and was with my companion.  It was a lot of fun to go on splits in Odoben. It's a tiny village and nobody speaks english but I love it there.  I was able to interview all of their people so it went successfully.  We were able to give Brother Wilson a baptism date for this month so that was cool.  He hasn't missed a day of church since we started teaching him.  He's a really smart guy and he's progressing well.  One cool story that happened this week was on Saturday. Elder Moore and I were walking around in Ekwamkrom and a women who was sitting down outside of where she lived with her kids said hello to us so we started to talk to her.  We found out that she was new and didn't really know much about where anything was.  She was living in Brong Ahafo region before, kind of close to Sunyani.  We just talked to her for a little bit and then we invited her to church the next day.  At church we just went through the normal sacrament meeting and then when it closed....I started to walk to the next class when I saw a women with her children sitting there smiling at me and I noticed that it was her!  It was really cool to see her there with all of her kids. We went and visited her at her house after church.  Hopefully we can continue to teach her and she will keep coming to church.  Also, later on Sunday evening we had an activity at one of the members house with a few other families and we just had like a little family home evening thing.  We want to try to do it every other week or so and everybody will be able to invite their friends and our investigators will be able to come.  Nothing else really happened this week but everything was good.  Thanks for all of the's always great to hear from you all!

Love Elder Kitchen

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