Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

What's up everybody!

So life's cool here...that's about it. haha. I can't even think about what happened this week.  I feel like I'm just too busy to keep everything straight.  Oh yeah, so both on Tuesday and Wednesday my companion and I went to Cape Coast to do some things. The time that we went on Wednesday was for zone leader council at the mission home.  All of the zone leaders from the mission came and we met and reported on how our zones are doing and then we received some instruction from President and the APs.  There wasn't anything big that came out of the meeting but it was really good.  We had a huge plate of food after that was delicious.  It's been about 15 months since I had eaten there so I feel like it was about time.  We have some investigators in Praso that we are still trying to prepare to be baptized on the 24th of this month.  It seemed far away when we started planning it but it's just getting closer and closer now.  We went clear out to Kenkuase again on Sunday.  It's that village that is in the middle of nowhere.  The meeting was good.  It's funny because they treat the missionaries as if it's general authorities coming.  They get up and come over to us to ask if they can do certain things or if we can help them.  They are really sweet people.  The only part that I don't like about that place is the killer walk.  On the way back it started to pour so we had to run and find cover. The problem was that the cover that we found was not really covering us.  We were practically sitting on the ground and the rain was getting us wet.  It finally stopped so we had to get back to Praso when we were drenched.  I just wish that taxis or tro tro's would go out there when we wanted to go there!  Today we came down to Cape to do a district activity at one of the chapel's here.  We've just been playing different games and having fun all morning.  So as I said's cool here!  Thanks for everything family!  Have a great week!

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