Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27, 2012

Hey everybody!

Wow, I just had such a busy week...I feel like I've been saying that ever since that I came to Praso.  On Thanksgiving we weren't able to celebrate anything because we had to go to a meeting in Assin Foso with the Stake Presidency.  The meeting went well and the missionary work is going well there.  The Assin Foso stake had a total of 36 baptisms this last weekend so it was a pretty big weekend.  Our zone was having a big baptism on Saturday and we didn't have enough clothes so we had to borrow some from the Assin Foso zone leaders.  Getting all of the interviews and stuff done this week with the help of the district leader was a miracle. Saturday was the big day of the baptism.  We were able to get all of the candidates to the chapel in a village called Nuamakrom except for the ones from Kenkuase. We had to end of taking a tro tro to Kenkuase and we found out that the seven people had been waiting there for two hours but the person who was supposed to come with a tro tro never came and we couldn't find him.  The problem with that is also that there is no network in those places so we can't make calls.  We got them to the church and got them ready and everything went perfect after that.  Our zone had a total of 25 baptisms and we had a total of 13 for my companionship. We also got transfer news that night and we found out that my companion and I are staying together for the next six weeks so I'm happy about that. Monday we had our Thanksgiving dinner and it was so good.  The whole day that power was out so that is why we couldn't email.  Right as we were sitting down to eat at 6:00, the power came back so we were really happy. I can't believe it is almost December. Before I know it I'll be calling home!  Well, have a great week, I have to go!

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