Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 19, 2013

Hello everybody!

I've had a great week as I always do. ;)  We had a baptism this last Saturday out in our village, Nuamakrom. The women's name is Martha and her husband and family are all members so it was fun to be able to complete a family. :)  Over the weekend I started to have a cold and then it didn't make it any better when we went out to Kenkuase on Sunday.  We rented bikes in Nuamakrom to take out to Kenkuase for four cedis.  The problem is that the bikes are absolutely terrible. They are old 'Doc Brown' bikes with a basket in the front and they feel like they will fall apart when you are going over any bump.  The bad part about that is the road there is a dirt road with lots of hills. Then to make it worse, my bike got a flat tire on the way there so I was struggling to say the least.  We finally got there and found out that they have one new investigator coming to church.  It's farming season so it's hard to get new people out there at this time.  We left early and finished church in Nuamakrom.  Monday I was still having a cold and a sore throat and then I decided to make a very sugary shake (a very bad idea).  I was so excited as I was putting ice cream, sweetened-condensed milk, and oreo type cookies into the blender.  It turns out that my body doesn't like sugary things like it used to.  I felt so sick the rest of the night. I woke up feeling a little better but I still have a cold.  We went to Foso as well this last week and we found out that they will be putting missionaries in Nuamakrom either in mid-April or late-May.  It will cut my area down but it will be really good for Nuamakrom and Kenkuase.  As for right now, I'm tired because we've been running around doing stuff for the sisters after district meeting and now I have a long and uncomfortable tro ride back to Praso...gotta love missionary work! :D  Thanks for the emails everybody! I love hearing from you! Talk to you next week!
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