Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 5, 2013

Hey everybody!

We had a great week this last week!  I'll just start with the transfer news because I told you that this week would be transfers.  So we got the call and found out that my companion and I are both staying in Praso together!  My companion was surprised because he thought he would be getting released as a zone leader this time because he has been a zone leader for a very long time.  We are both happy that we will be staying though.  It probably means that I'm going to be here as least until the Mother's Day call home...I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  We went on splits twice this week and both times I stayed in my area.  On Friday we went to do a baptism interview for one of our investigators out in Nuamakrom but she was feeling very sick and so we felt like it would be best if we pushed her baptism back until she was feeling better. She also was happy with that because she didn't want to be sick when she was baptized.  The baptism can't be this coming Saturday either because we'll be having Stake conference and the area presidency will be presiding there. When I was on splits one of the days, we passed by the Relief Society President in our branch and she wasn't home but her niece was there and so we talked to her for a minute and then invited her to come to church and on Sunday she came!  She is going to a nursing training college and that's why she is living with her Aunt.  So now we have a new investigator in our Praso branch which is struggling a little bit because it's so new and small but hopefully we'll be able to help it out.  The power has been going out a lot lately.  I guess they have been having electricity shortages and so they have to share the electricity throughout the country. So when we have power it means another part of Ghana doesn't have it.  It's certainly not something that would happen back home in America.  It makes me grateful for what I have back home though.  We've had a couple of big rainstorms as well.  The rain comes down so hard and it's not even in drops.  It's like there is just a waterfall coming our of the sky!  Depending on the way the wind is blowing it either comes through the window onto my bed or my companions. Luckily last night it wasn't getting on my bed. ;)  Well, I'm 19 months today.  That's pretty crazy.  Time just keeps going by faster and faster.  Well, thanks for the emails this week everybody!  Have a wonderful week! 

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