Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10, 2013

Hey everybody!

Had another great week this last week.  Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes.  It was quite the birthday...flooding, seven people stuffing into the bed of a truck with two of them being Tongans...it was awesome! haha.  As for this week though, we have mainly still just been getting used to the area and the members have been helping us out a lot. It has been nice to have a lot less responsibility and just be able to focus on my area.  My companion is adjusting well to everything about as fast as you really can adjust to this place. There are no other missions like these ones here in Ghana....I think I can even guarantee it. We should be having a baptism this coming Saturday.  We came and started teaching somebody that the past missionaries were teaching and she's come to church both Sunday's we have been here and so we thought she was ready and so did she. So we'll be preparing her for this Saturday.  During the week we have been working
with some new people that have been referred to us by the members and so hopefully soon we will be having some strong investigators. It's hard coming into a new area when both you and your companion have never been there, but we are managing.  Today we went with a big group of missionaries and also President and Sister Shulz to a cocoa processing factory. It was pretty fun to see how they process everything and get it ready to export to the world. Ghana is one of the leading producers of cocoa and they supposedly have the most quality cocoa.  So the picture here is of us just outside of the factory. Left to right: Elder Moffitt(my comp.), me, Sister Shulz, and Elder Dikane(from South Africa).  Well, we'll talk more next week! Love you all!

Love Elder Kitchen

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