Friday, June 28, 2013

June 24, 2013

Greetings everybody!

I hope you all had a good week!  Mine was pretty normal I guess you could say. My companion wasn't feeling well the end of the week so we just did a lot of sitting around which was pretty boring, but we had to do it so that he could start to feel better.  To be was kind of one of those weeks that's really hard to come up with what happened.  One funny thing that happened during the week involved a mouse in our apartment.  We've been seeing him every now and again since we got there but we could never catch him.  Then in the morning, Elder Moffitt found it hiding in some extra room that we don't use and so I grabbed the cutlass, trying to be the big tough guy and I said that I would kill him. But of course, when the mouse jumped out of his hiding place and ran straight for my feet, I jumped in the air and screamed like a little girl and then I jumped up onto a chair.  We started chasing the mouse around the apartment but he kept getting away.  The little guy was just too dang fast.  We ended up losing him and so we were pretty ticked.  Luckily the next night, I heard a scuffle in the kitchen and ran into see what was going on. As I arrived at the door, I saw one of the elders standing there and he had his foot on the mouse. It tried to get away again but then he crushed the little annoying guy. So that was the last of little Jerry.  So....that's really all I can think about...Today we came to Takoradi and played soccer and now I have a headache because it's so dang hot here. haha.  Well, life's good and everything is still going well.  I can't believe that next Monday will be in July....time is just flying by. Well, talk to you guys next week!

Love Elder Kitchen

p.s. sorry if this email just has a lot of random stuff that doesn't make head hurts right now...

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