Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 17, 2013

What's up!?

How's life?  Everything is still pretty cool over here. No complaints I guess. :)  Most of the interesting stuff that happened this last week was at the end of the week.  I went on splits with the district leader so that he could come and do the interview for the baptism that we were having. Her name is Celestina and she has been progressing really well since we got here. The other missionaries were the ones to start teaching her.  We got hit pretty hard by rain that day while we were out so we got pretty soaked. Whenever it rains here it just seems to pour. There doesn't seem to ever be just a slight drizzle.  So the interview and everything went cool and so the baptism was cool for Saturday.  Then Saturday the person who was to fill the font went to do it but after it was about knee-high, the city water stopped flowing and so the water was really low. So when you are in
Ghana you just do it anyways.  Elder Moffitt did the baptism and he did a really good job.  I thought it might take a couple of tries because of the water level but it was just once.  The next day she was confirmed at church and everything was good.  So right now we are just trying to build up our teaching pool and find serious investigators.  The members are still helping us out a lot and so it's making the work a lot easier.  Not too
much else it going on, but I'm still really happy here in my area. Hopefully it continues to go well like this.  Well, I'll talk with you all later!

Love Elder Kitchen

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