Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

Hey everybody!
So how are you all doing?  My week has been pretty good.  Let's see...what did I do this past week...So last P-day after I emailed all of you, I went and bought some Dr. Pepper and Coke because it was my 1 month mark!  It was so amazing, I love American stuff.  Then we went and taught one of our investigators named Emmanuel.  He is like a 14 or 15 year old kid and we teach his 2 sisters and their one friend.  It is going pretty sweet.  He comes to church a lot and he has never had the lessons.  He had just gotten a Book of Mormon from the old Elders and that was it.  The next day was zone conference and that was pretty awesome, except for the 2 and a 1/2 hour car ride that we were extremely squished in the backseat of the Bennett's truck!  We had four of us in the back.  We got down to Kumasi and I met up with four of my good MTC friends.  That was fun to see how they were doing.  The main message from President was that we need to make sure we are obedient to all of the rules.  After zone conference, we went and picked up our washer!  It's pretty sweet to have a washer because we don't have to wash our stuff by hand like a lot of the others have to do.  Then the ride back up was just as uncomfortable as the one coming down.  Later that day, Elder Hernandez and I gave one of our members a blessing because she had been having some really bad head pains and the next day she was fine!  That was pretty cool.  On Thursday it rained a bunch so we couldn't really go out because all of Ghana shuts down when it rains.  People won't let you teach them if it rains and taxi drivers even pull over and stop driving people around.  After it stopped raining, we went and ate at a chop bar and I had some rice balls and ground nut soup.  Not a huge fan of it, but I can eat it.  On Friday, we went to go and see a cultural dance thing at the cultural center and it turns out that they decided not to dance that day.  They just cancel things when they don't feel like doing it.  So that day was just another normal day.  On our way back to the apartment at night, there was a Pentacost church that were all praying in tongues.  Over here, lots of people think that praying in tongues is yelling and screaming gibberish as much as they can.  Satan has done a pretty good job here confusing the people here and distorting the doctrines of the Bible.  You could just tell there was something not good about that place.  Saturday, was a little crazy.  I had to go on emergency splits with Elder Akpan because we needed people to stay at the apartment while it was getting fixed.  I ended up teaching pretty much a whole lesson and that was pretty sweet.  Then on Sunday, I had to give a talk.  I prepared a fifteen minute talk in about an hour.  That is something I couldn't have done a few months ago.  All of the Elders wore their suits on sunday because we have air conditioning.  We all looked awesome!  We also gave three people callings.  It feels pretty sweet sitting up in front of everybody because I feel like the bishop!  It's pretty funny, but I would die if I actually was a bishop.  We had a record number of people come to church!  There were 32 people there this sunday.  So that was my week.  It wasn't too exciting but it was pretty sweet.  I hope all is going well at home.  I love you all and would love to keep hearing from you all!  Until next week!

Elder Kitchen

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