Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hey everybody!
So this week was a pretty good week.  Last p-day was sweet down in Kumasi!  There are so many people there!  It is also pretty dirty, but I'm getting used to that living here in Africa.  We were supposed to get our mail and stuff that day in Kumasi but they didn't send it up!  We weren't too happy because the one chance they get in like a month to send stuff up to us, they don't take advantage of it.  I bought a couple of African ties down in Kumasi too. I think that they look pretty sweet.  On Tuesday, we just did our normal thing and had district meeting and went out and proselyted.  On Wednesday we got all ready to have our family night, but it rained a bunch so people didn't show up on time.  It kind of ruined the whole thing, but when it stopped raining a lot of people came and we just played Uno the whole time.  It is so funny to play with all of the Africans because they absolutely love that game.  Everytime we go and teach some of the people, they ask if we can play Uno.  It's pretty funny.  One of the Elders in my apartment made some no bake cookies and they were so good! The only problem is that they are expensive to make so we can't have them very much.  On Thursday, we found out that Propser, who is a man that works for the church was coming up and bringing our mail!  It was so great!  I got two packages from Mom and some letters and all that fun stuff!  It was so awesome to open up those packages and get good food and candy!  Don't ever worry about sending me too much stuff.  Haha.  Thanks for the SD card reader Mom, it is just what I wanted.  On Friday we did a service project in the market in Sunyani.  We woke up at like 5:00 in the morning and went and cleaned the garbage off of a really dirty street.  Everything went good except we were really tired after.  We also found out that day that we had no water because the man weeding our yard with a machete chopped our main water line in half the night before and didn't tell us!  He just shoved a stick down the pipe to try and fix it! Haha.  We needed to shower after the project so we hooked up the hose to the main water line and fed it through the window and into the bathroom and screwed the shower head onto the end of the hose.  It worked so great!  I got a sweet video of it so I will have to get it home sometime soon.  Also, right as we were doing that, our power went out so we had no power and no water.  Our shower was so awesome though.  On Sunday, I got to teach Sunday school this week. I think that it went really good.  I taught for a good 40 minutes and I had more material, but I just ran out of time.  That is one thing that I wouldn't have been able to do back home.  I love church because that is the one time we get to turn on our air conditioner!  It feels so great!  We started our third hour of church this last week too.  We taught a way good lesson on Sunday too.  We taught Harriet and the lesson went really good!  The only problem is that we can only meet her once a week.  We think that she could be a really great member because she is really smart.  Our other investigators are going pretty good.  Elijah and Micheal are progressing good.  Hopefully we can get a baptismal date for Elijah soon.  Also, Rita is coming along, but not as good as before so we will probably have to baptize her at the end of October instead of the beginning.  Other than that, life it going good.  It is still extremely hot and humid here and I'm still trying to get used to that!  Well, I hope everybody is doing well!  I love you all and miss you!  Have a great week!
Love Elder Kitchen

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