Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This is a letter to Elder Kitchen's Grandma Kitchen from a senior couple serving in his mission.

Hello Pat--

I thought that I would email you a picture that I took of Elder Kitchen.  He is a good elder and learning a lot.
I watch him do the sacrament and lead the singing (that means standing up in front and singing a little bit of the song to set the pitch and then leading.  I don't think that he did a lot of that at home) then speak spur of the moment at the baptism and teach and I know that he is being used by the Lord in ways that will bless his life.  The work is hard and often slower than we would want but it is coming.  The area where he is (Fiapre)  is a little behind the rest of Sunyani because they got started later so there is a lot to be done there.

The picture is of Elder Hernandez, Elder Kitchen's companion and Elder Kitchen and some of the kids in Fiapre.

I don't remember if I sent you this second picture or not, so I included it again.  It was taken at our district meeting.

Tell all hello for us.  We're doing well. 

Love, Marlene

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