Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a good week!  Mine was alright...nothing special though.  I'll just start from the beginning of last week I guess. Tuesday was pretty great because we went to district meeting and then the Zoll's surprised us by coming up at the end and bringing pizza and drink for everybody.  They came up to bring supplies so they wanted to do something nice for us.  It was a great district meeting.  Then we taught seven lessons that day so we were busy but having a great time. On Wednesday we decided to go to a different part of our area called Berlin Top to show Elder Belnap around those parts.  Then we went to see one of our investigators to say hello and they were about to start getting water from their well so we just asked if we could help them.
We ended up pulling up water out of this well for about 45 minutes or something.  My hands were blisters all over them and were just worn raw.  We helped them with their dishes too and then we left.  The rest of the night we were just exhausted from doing it.  The well was so deep so it made us very tired.  Nothing really happened after that until Saturday when President came up.  He just had some meetings but he wanted to see all of the missionaries so he just called us all over to Nkwabeng and just talked for a little while and then he gave us some money so we could get a treat.  He is such an awesome guy.  Then we went to teach Gladis but she told us to wait for a little bit and then she fed us dinner.  She is such a nice lady.  It was rice with a bunch of vegetables and stuff in it.  We just went and witnessed a baptism at Estates after that and then our day was done.  Sunday was kind of a long day.  I conducted this week and gave a talk and then I had to go and take care of the primary for two hours!  I love those kids but they are not too fun to try and teach.  All of our appointments after church failed so it felt like we were just walking around with nothing to do, but it was alright.  This next week might be a busy one so we will see.  We are hopefully going to talk to a few people about baptism so we will see where that takes us.  So that was my week.  I love you guys and hope everything is going great!  Have a wonderful week and be safe!  :)

Love Elder Kitchen

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