Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012


So my week was good. It feels like it was so fast this week so I almost feel like I don't have much to talk about...but I will try. So last Tuesday some interesting things that happened were that we showed up to see Gladis and she didn't want to learn because she was too tired and she had to get some things from the market, so we asked if she needed help and she just..."Okay, come" and she started walking to the market. We just walked around with her following her around like we were her kids at the grocery store and we carried her bags for her back to her house. It was really funny. Then we went and saw Bertha and her family and we couldn't teach them but they were pounding fufu so we pounded for them. Then on Wednesday went to see Vivian and she was really busy and we ending up helping her get water from the well and then we mopped her floor for her. After that we went to Sister Affiah's because she invited us all over to have fufu. Then I ended up getting my haircut...well just shaved off. haha. I can't wait to just get a normal haircut because I look so weird with my head shaved. We just used a number four and shaved the head. On Thursday president came up and we had a district meeting and interviews. They told us what our mission slogan or motto was too. I think the one before was Remember who you are, but ours now is Forever Strong so it's pretty sweet. Friday was pretty slow so we just walked around contacting people for a while and then we met up with the zone leaders because we went on splits with them from friday night to saturday night. Saturday was a good day though. I went with Elder Brown and he is a great missionary. We taught some pretty good lessons and I learned a lot from him. Then we met back up with everybody at our building because the other Elders in Fiapre were having a baptism. Then Sunday was a good day but very tiring. I of course had to take care of the dang primary again and they made me exhausted. They are so wild all of the time. I never want to be a primary teacher after I get home. We went and saw a few people and then we went over to Sister Affiah's because they have been asking about American food and the topic of pancakes came up so they told us to come and make them some so we did and they loved them. haha. They don't really eat anything sugary so it was a little different for them but they liked it. Then we watched Legacy with them and Sister Affiah loved it. During the whole thing she was just getting all upset when bad things were happening. It was a lot of fun. Then this morning we went and had a football match and it great. I have a headache now though because it was so hot. Oh yeah, Gladis has a baptismal date now, we just need to get her to come to church regularly until then. Hopefully by the end of February or so it will happen. So that was my week. Pretty awesome. Just pushing right along! Well everybody, have a wonderful week and be safe! Love ya'll!

 Love Elder Kitchen

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