Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 23, 2012


This has been a pretty good week here.  So on Tuesday I was able to try my cereal that I bought.  I have to use soy milk with it but it honestly isn’t too bad.  We had district meeting and that was sweet
then after that we went and met an investigator that the former missionaries had been teaching.  We didn’t really even know where she lived so we luckily were able to find her.  She was really nice and she gave us a drink and treats when we got there.  After that, we went and saw Gladis and she committed to baptism but she just needs to come to church a few times before we can baptize her.  We saw Bertha and her family after that and helped them get water out of their well again and I played some football with a bunch of kids and it was pretty fun.  Then on Wednesday we bought some Banku from Gladis’ shop for lunch and it was way good.  The liver she gave us was alright but not too bad.  That day we also met a guy from parliament…which was really random.  He is just going around talking to everybody and being nice because it is an election year.  Thursday was pretty quiet.  We had our weekly planning with the zone leaders and then had just a normal day.  A guy yelled at us and called us stupid so I just called him a fool and walked away.  I probably shouldn’t have done that but some people just make me mad sometimes.  Oh well…sorry, that was random.  Haha.   Friday nothing happened, but on Saturday our apartment went and ate pizza for lunch. Then Elder Belnap and I went to see Frank our investigator and watched the Joseph Smith movie with him.  I think he liked it a lot.  Right after that, we went to Gladis’ because she wanted us to and we got there and she fed us! She made us Banku and Tomato and Onion stew.  It was way good and it was cool because she ate with us which doesn’t happen very often.  She also called herself our junior mother so nobody has to worry about me because I’m being taken care of.  Then Sunday was pretty great because a bunch of our investigators showed up at church including Gladis. Then after church Gladis told us to pass by again so we did and she fed us again!  She gave us rice and then told us to start helping her make some light soup.  We did and then she made fufu with fish and beef with it.  It was so good!  She ate with us again too!  She is such a nice lady and she keeps telling us to take her to America so she can teach everybody to eat African food.  Then this morning I had to wash my clothes by hand because the washer is no longer with us….it’s passed on. ;) It wasn’t terrible though.  So that was my week!  I hope everybody is doing great!  I love you guys!

Love Elder Kitchen

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