Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012

Hey Everybody!
It has been a pretty good week here.  Nothing special really happened and I have a feeling that it is going to be like that for a while now with the holidays over.  It’s nice though because everything has kind of calmed back down and I can get back into the rhythm and what not.  We ran out of power in the middle of the week so we had to sleep that night without fans and I’m never a huge fan of that.  So Elder Belnap and I had to go into town and buy some more so we could have electricity.  One really funny thing that happened during the week was when Elder Belnap and I were kind of having an annoying day because it was hot and everybody was failing their appointments.  So we were just walking to go and see somebody else when we were walking by the corner of a house and a big group of goats was running around the corner.  The leader of this pack was a small baby goat which jumped right as it got to the corner.  The problem was, we were walking around the corner right as the baby goat leaped so it jumped right into the side of Elder Belnap and then freaked out and ran away.   We just started to laugh so hard that we couldn’t move.  We had to just sit down for a little while because it was so funny.  Everybody around was probably wondering what in the world these two white guys were doing.  They probably thought that we were crying or something.  It was pretty dang funny.  We had a pretty good lesson with Gladis this week.  She is an older lady who sells Banku at the market.  She told us that she prayed and believes the church is true! The only problem is getting her to actually come to the church.  She always says that she is too poor so she has to work on Sundays.  Hopefully we can get here to come soon.  We got fufu from members twice this week. It was pretty good both times.  I love the members here because they are always so nice.  Sunday was a little rough because I had to give a talk and then Elder Belnap and I had to teach two hours of primary because the primary teacher didn’t show up.  It’s hard enough to teach that for one hour, but for two!  They were not bad or anything but holy smokes it just tires you out!  We learned some songs and played duck duck goose and stuff like that.  So it was tiring but fun.   So I had a pretty decent week here.  Hopefully everything back home is great as well.  I love you guys!  Be safe and have a great week!
Love Elder Kitchen 

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