Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012

Hey everybody!
Happy Easter! I know it's late but that's okay.  This week was a pretty good one.  Last week on Tuesday we just had district meeting and there wasn't anything special about that.  Then we went and saw Gladis later that day and she fed us some banku and it had a chicken foot in it.  Luckily she ended up eating that because I sure didn't want to.  Wednesday was kind of a slow day but there was a really funny part.  Bertha's dog Jack really likes Elder Belnap and I and he ended up following us after we left all of the way to Gladis' house and he wouldn't leave. So we had to take him all of the way back to his house.  It was really funny.  Then on Thursday, Elder Belnap and I were making tortillas to go with our bean stew that we made.  We had to go and get flour from the market and Gladis saw us and asked what we were doing. We told her and so she told us that we had to bring her some so we did!  We told her it was Mexican food and so she kept going around telling people that she just ate Mexico food. It was a lot of fun.  Then that night nobody came to the institute class so it was kind of disappointing.  Friday we had a service project at the chapel in the morning and we weeded the whole front part.  The members came and they did a great job.  We had some lesson that day with Frank and Elijah and they went alright.  Saturday we had a meeting with president and it was good.  They brought up some mail and I got some packages. :) Thank you Dad, Cindy, Mom, and Katie. I loved everything that you guys sent.  Then it was Easter.  I conducted Sacrament this week and gave a talk about the resurrection of Christ.  We had a lesson with Joyce right after church and we talked about our purpose on earth.  It didn't really feel like Easter. It just felt like any other regular day.  Then yesterday was p-day.  We played football for our activity. Then Elder Belnap and I had to go and see Bertha.  She wanted to feed us for Easter. They fed us first fried rice and then a lot of fufu. It was very good. We also found out that the cafe that we normally email at was closed for the day because of Easter so that is why we emailed today.  Today at district meeting we had a fufu party after which we were supposed to have after football yesterday but we weren't able to because of time.  It was a lot of fun!  Also, Gladis came to church on Sunday so we are planning to have a baptism on Saturday! I just hope everything works out!  Thanks everybody for everything! I love all of you guys!  Have a great week!
Love Elder Kitchen

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