Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Hey everybody!

I hope you all had a great week! Mine was pretty good except that I had a really bad cold for most of it.
Wednesday is when I woke up and had a sore throat and really bad congestion. Normally cold's don't really get to me but this one was just really bad for some reason. Then that day we had a lesson with  somebody that we had met a few days before. She lives up on campus at the Catholic University so we went up there for the first time to have a lesson with her and her friend. It was fun going up there because we had to take a taxi just to get there and it was cool to see the campus. The campus wasn't as big as we thought it was going to be. It's a lot smaller then the ones back home. So that was an interesting experience. Then on Thursday I woke up feeling even worse. We just had a normal day and then we had our mid-week at the end and it went well.  Friday we had a lesson with Frank again and it was good. He is such a nice guy. He is still progressing but just very slowly. He is still having a hard time wondering why he needs to leave his church but he always tells us that he loves everything we have taught him and he knows it's true. Then later that night Emmanuel, Bernice, and Francisca came to the church and we had a lesson with them and it was fun. Then it came to Saturday. The baptism for Gladis was supposed to be at six but it got moved to seven because some of the people needed it to be later, so we went and told her in the morning and she ended up taking us to some little chop bar on the side of the road that sold fufu. I had no clue this place even sold food and we pass by it everyday! It was extremely shady but we couldn't really do anything. So we ate and it wasn't too bad. We looked at the meat in it and asked Gladis what it was and she said it was the head of a goat! We even found an eyeball in the soup! Luckily she just threw it out so we didn't have to eat it. Oh yeah, a chicken also randomly jumped onto Elder Belnap's back and then flew off, it was really funny. Then all of our appointments failed us that day. Luckily we had the baptism to make everything better. The baptism went great and I was so happy to see her get baptized. The baptism was at Penkwase so we went back to Fiapre and she bought rice and we all ate dinner together. It was a really good night. Then on Sunday Gladis wasn't able to come to church to get confirmed because Saturday night after the baptism I guess she twisted her ankle and she couldn't walk all of the way to the church and she couldn't find a taxi to get to the church.  So she will just have to be confirmed next week. Then after church we passed by a bunch of people and just greeted them and talked to them. It was a pretty good day. Then this morning I just did my wash and everything and so I don't have to do it later which I'm very happy about. So, I hope you all had a great week! I love you all!

Love Elder Kitchen

Elder Belnap and Elder Kitchen

Elder Belnap, Gladis, Elder Kitchen
This is a chicken they took the feathers off.

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