Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Hey everybody!

It's been such a crazy week. It's felt like it went so fast but for some reason it seems like I haven't emailed home in forever. So Tuesday night I went around and said goodbye to everybody and that was sad. I was there for four transfers but it felt like the time just flew by. I really came to love that place in Swedru. Then on Wednesday I said goodbye to Elder Moore and the apartment and went on my way to Cape Coast. We got there and it was a pretty big transfer so there were a lot of missionaries at the station and it was fun to see everybody. That was where I met up with my companion Elder Oseghe from Nigeria and he is an awesome guy. He was a zone leader in an area and so we both are new to Praso but he is teaching me how to be a zone leader. The area that we are in is a new zone so my companion and I don't know that area at all so we just had to go around and try to learn everything about it. It made this last week kind of slow because we didn't know anybody but I think it will all be okay. So about my's about and hour and twenty minutes north of Cape Coast. It's certainly more of a village I guess you could say. The power goes off almost everyday but it's always on at night which is very well needed. It doesn't have as much stuff to buy as Sunyani and Swedru. I was kind of blessed with being in bigger cities for the first 14 months out here. It's a lot of fun. I'm finally in a ward instead of a branch or a unit. We worship out of a rented house so my beautiful chapel from Swedru is gone. I'm in an apartment with missionaries named Elder Glider and Elder Cavaness, both from the U.S. and they are really cool too. I'm having to get used to the zone leader thing because now I'm constantly worrying about other people and also now I'm in charge of the zone money so everybody comes to me for reimbursement and other money things and it's stressful! Haha. My new companion can cook really well so we are going to be eating really well and healthy! :) I'm excited to be serving with him cause he's such a cool guy. Today we had a zone activity at Kakum so it was the second time I've gone there and it was fun to cross the rope bridges. There were quite a few Americans there that I talked too. It was weird talking to and African-American family from Georgia because I was expecting a Ghanian accent but then it was an accent from the south! On the way to Cape Coast to pick up some stuff, we had a tro tro come and pick us up. When we got there he tried to charge us 200 cedis (about $110)! The ended up paying only 40 but it was really annoying to deal with. I do feel like I'm going to like my new area though. I'm happy to be here. Well, I'm sure I forgot some things but there's always next week! Thanks for the emails! I love you guys!

Love Elder Kitchen

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