Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hey everybody!

First, that's crazy about the mission age!  I wish I could have watched so that I could have seen everybody's faces.  I think that it's a really cool idea.  I've always wondered why girls had to wait until they were 21.  As for conference though, I wasn't able to listen or watch any of it.  To be completely honest....I completely forgot that it was conference this weekend until I thought of it this morning when I was reading the Liahona.  I wonder if I will start to get really young kids out here now before I start to go home.  Hopefully I will be able watch at least one session or I'll just have to wait until about December when we will get the conference Liahonas.  That's the really annoying thing about being here.  I won't watch any conference for my whole entire mission.  As for my week though, everything went great.  We met two people in Ekwamkrom that we have taught almost everyday for the past week and they have been progressing really well.  We even found out that they are related but we found them separately.  They have both come to church the last two weeks and we are hoping to give them baptismal dates soon.  Brother Wilson is progressing really well and should be getting baptized this coming week as long as everything goes smoothly.  This saturday we have an institute program, seminary program, a wedding, and a baptism so it's going to be crazy.  It's been raining a lot this week and so it actually makes it a lot worse because right after it rains, the sun comes out and it's really humid and extremely hot.  We are going to get transfer news this coming saturday so I will know whether I'm staying in the area or if I am going.  I'm kind of hoping that I will stay because we are teaching some people that I would really like to keep teaching because they are progressing really well and the work is going great.  So all in all, my week went pretty well.  It was fun to hear about conference and everything.  Oh yeah, while I was getting my haircut today, the guy cutting my hair is a member and he was telling me what he's heard about the elections.  I completely forgot all about that. I can't believe that will take place in a month!  Well everybody, have a great week!

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