Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Hello family!!!

So this week was pretty insane now that I look back on it. I guess I’ll just start from the beginning….So on Tuesday, I ate dog! I felt so bad when I was eating it but it honestly wasn’t too bad. I don’t think that I am going to do it quite often though because I feel too bad when I eat it. I even ate part of the heart and part of the lung!  I couldn’t watch them kill it because it was too sad for me. I guess they eat it in the Northern part of Ghana and somebody in our zone is from that part so he got one and prepared it so that we could eat it.  So that was an interesting experience…I guess all that’s left is cat. Haha. Wednesday morning the AP’s came up to be on splits with us and the Elders in our zone in an area called Hemang. We went to drop off one of the Assistants at the apartment but we ended up getting the van stuck clear down in the bush on a bad road and while it was raining so we were practically stuck in a swamp. It took us over an hour to get out of there and it really was a miracle that we got out. Some people were there helping us push the van around. We took pictures but I got mud sprayed all over my pants and my shirt so I was covered in mud. I had to run through a huge muddy puddle that went up to my shins so my shoes got mud and sand all inside of them. It was a crazy experience.  We weren’t able to go out that day because of the lack of clean shirts and pants as well as dry shoes. So my companion and the AP’s just hung around the rest of the day. I have a funny picture but I can’t send pictures from this place today. I’m having a hard enough time just sending emails. So the rest of the week was pretty normal but then on Saturday we went for a mission tour in Cape Coast where Elder Sitati of the Seventy came and had conference with him. He is a really great guy to learn from and the whole conference was just awesome. He’s the only African that is a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. Sunday went well because a few new people came to church and also one of our other investigators came to church. Elder Oseghe and I are doing well. It’s sometimes hard now because I have to focus on the whole zone instead of just my companionship. We are hoping to have some baptisms this coming month so we are going to be working hard with those few investigators that we have. So life is cool here I guess. Just good old Ghana. Life just keeps pushing it’s way on. Thanks for all of the support everybody. Thank you to everybody who sent me an email…it was great to hear from you! Have a great week everybody!

Love Elder Kitchen

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