Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 16, 2013

Hey everybody! 
This week has been pretty sweet!  The baptism with the family in Nuamakrom went on so we achieved our family goal with just two weeks to spare! The baptism was actually pretty interesting though. So we got to Nuamakrom and we went to pick up the family in the little village that they live.  When we were about halfway there a huge storm came in and it started to pour!  We ran and took cover under some lean-to shack type thing and then waited until it wasn't raining as hard. Luckily I was wearing my sandals because we had to walk through a lot of water.  We finally got to there house and I was worried that because of the rain they would have thought that the baptism wasn't going to come on.  When we got there, the whole family was inside of their small house ready to go!  I was completely soaked by that time but it was okay.  We waited until the rain stopped and then walked down the very muddy road to the church.  It's the first time since I've come out that I've seen a full family come into the church like this. Then on Sunday they all came to church early to be confirmed. :)  So on Saturday we received transfer news and my companion is training a new missionary for his last two transfers out in Nuamakrom and I will have a new companion named Elder Kariuki from Kenya.  I'm really excited about everything...even though I expect to be leaving in about 6 weeks... ;)  I'll be in Praso for Mother's Day when I call home though.  Yesterday, on P-day, I made a pizza and it was so awesome!  I had to make a make shift oven with two frying pans and a lid.  I bought cheese, which was very expensive but worth it. It actually tasted pretty close to the way they do back home.  So this week should be interesting with transfers and everything.  I'm really excited though. Well, have a great week everybody!  
Love Elder Kitchen  

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