Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 29, 2013

Hey Everybody!

I'm kind of scatter brained right now with some stuff I've had to deal with today, so let me see if I can try to remember what happened this last week.  So as for our area, it's gotten very small because now we are just in charge of just Branch 2 in Praso.  The area is pretty small and we have a very small membership with quite a few less actives.  We've been trying to work go around and find out where they all live so that we can visit them all.  The problem with finding peoples houses is there are no such things as addresses.  Unless somebody takes you there, you will never find it!  We were able to meet some people that we had never met before and we found a few investigators in the process.  The stressful thing lately is that is seems like I have no time to think about my area.  On Thursday we left in the early afternoon to Assin Foso for a meeting with the stake presidency so we weren't able to proselyte in our area and then on Saturday as well, we had to organized the baptism for some elders in our zone that were having baptisms and so Saturday was also spent doing other things.  The leaders in our branch are great though. They are working hard and making effective plans which is very rare over here. It will just take some time for the branch to stabilize and then grow.  Most likely I'll be leaving in a month though....(I'm just guessing but I think I'll be right. ;) )  Yesterday was a nice day because we were just able to relax and we didn't do too much.  Elder Brown (from Australia) and I bought 2 liters of ice cream each and have been enjoying it. I've been seeing the stuff for the past 20 months but I've just never bought it. It's strawberry and it's so delicious! Today we came down to Abura (Cape Coast) and had our district meeting the the six Sisters in our zone.  They have their own district meetings every week because they are so far from us and so either my companion and I go to it or the assistants go every week.  Now I get to look forward to another 1 hour tro tro ride back to Praso.  Well, I guess I better get going.  Have a great week everybody!  I love you all!

Love Elder Kitchen

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