Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 21, 2011

Hey everybody!
I hope everything is going good.  Thanks for all of the emails! You should make sure to do that all of the time!  Things have been going pretty good.  I'm really excited to leave the MTC pretty soon.  I'm starting to get used to the food, but it still isn't that great.  I've already made a plan for when I get home.  If I get home at night, then we are going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then the next morning Dad is going to make biscuits and gravy and then for lunch I'm getting fast food.  Then for dinner, Mom will make rump roast and mashed potatoes and gravy with lemon ice cream.  Sound good everybody?...because it sounds freakin' good to me!!! So yesterday we went out for two hours and did some street contacting! It was pretty weird and I was pretty nervous.  We talked to about four people and they seemed interested but who knows if they really were.  It was soooo hot yesterday and there were no clouds! I'm really going to have to get used to that.  Also, we did a service project yesterday morning and that was nice because we didn't have to have classes in the morning.  We went to the Community Center and just cleaned up all of the garabage and stuff.  It was pretty stinky out there because the sewage is really close.  Everything else is going good.  I don't really have too much to talk about because we don't do anything except go to classes and stuff.  I'll have a lot more to talk about next time because I'll be in some crazy Ghana city and stuff.  Tell everybody hello for me.  Everybody keep writing!!! Ma fii wo papa! (I miss you very much!) I love you guys!
Elder Kitchen
p.s. just forward this to anybody who I didn't send it to. Oh and Elder Adair said his mom has talked to you mom! That's awesome!

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