Monday, August 29, 2011

August 25, 2011

Hey everybody! Wo ho te sen? (How are you?)

So, a lot has happened since the last email.  I don't really know where to begin.  Last wednesday, I left the MTC for the mission field.  I was pretty dang excited to get out of the infernal building called the MTC.  Just kidding, it wasn't that bad...I guess.  So we drove for a long time and got to the Mission home in Cape Coast.  The drive was about three hours long or so.  When I got to the Mission home, there was a little surprise waiting for me.  The package was already there! Thank you so much for all of the food.  It has been so awesome.  I just finished the corn nuts today and I'm very sad about that.  I still haven't eaten the beef jerky though!  One thing about the packages though, from now on it would probably be best to send it in one of those flat rate envelopes because there is no duty on it.  I think normally when the people have to pay the duty to pick it up, it will come out of my monthly subsistence and that's no bueno.  Luckily no money got taken out and the package was awesome!  I would absolutely love a lot more tomorrowish.  Ha ha.  So after I got my package, we figured out where we were all going.  I found out that I was going to Sunyani, which was about a seven hour drive from the mission home!  All of us MT's said goodbye to each other which was kinda sad but I was so happy to be figuring out where I was going.  I also found out who my companion was.  His name is Elder Hernandez from West Jordan.  According to President Shulz, he is one of the best Elder's out here and I would probably agree even though I don't know very many.  He is a way cool guy and very funny.  Also, his family owns a place called Tony's Cheesesteaks out in West Jordan, so Dad and anybody else who would like, I am giving you homework and the homework is to go there and try it for me because it sounds really good! I have had a lot of fun since I have gotten here.  The trip up was pretty long.  I stayed the night in Kumasi at the Bantama apartment.  We will just say that it was a very interesting experience.  Ha ha it was pretty funny though.  Mom, I met Elder Lunt there but I couldn't remember where the camera was so I didn't give it to him.  I found it when I was unpacking everything at my apartment so I'm giving it to him next week at Zone Conference.  So after I stayed in Kumasi, they put me and Elder Eldredge on bus up to Sunyani.  I don't know if Grandma Kitchen knows this but that is where the Bennett's are so I've gotten to know them a little bit.  I'm actually in a little area called Fiapre but it is right next to Sunyani.  I got to the apartment and found out that I am pretty lucky and have a pretty sweet apartment.  Sunyani hasn't been open for very long so there are not very many members yet so we actually have church at our apartment.  There is just a big room where we meet in.  There aren't even enough people yet to make a branch so it is still a unit.  We are trying to make it a branch pretty soon.  So in my apartment there is me, Elder Hernandez, Elder Eldredge from Shelly, Idaho, and Elder Akpan from Nigeria.  It has been pretty fun.  So proselyting has been pretty fun.  Our days are usually pretty full with lessons.  We schedule about one per hour or so.  I'm getting better at helping in the lessons and stuff but I'm still getting used to it.  So I keep telling everybody that I want more pictures, but nobody will send me any.  I really want more pictures of everybody so in the next email, I want pictures, and also in the next package, I would like some more pictures...and more food ;).  So on one of the days me and Elder Hernandez were out and it had been raining.  There was a huge pothole full of water and mud.  Right as we walked by it, a freakin' huge truck drove right through it and splashed mud all over me!  It was pretty hilarious.  I got a couple of pictures but I don't think they do it any justice.  Also, I had fufu for the very first time yesterday!  It doesn't taste bad but you really have to get used to having to swallow it.  It is really weird.  I have had to become a lot less picky.  Guess what I ate today everybody...done guessing?  Yeah, I just ate a chicken bone.  Ha ha I normally hate even having chicken when it's one that has a bone, but I ate the freakin' bone!  They all do that around here so I decided to try in and it isn't too bad.  I'm feeling a lot better since I have been out in the field but I'm really going to have to get used to everything.  This last week has been a blur so I really don't know if I missed anything.  If anybody has more questions just let me know.  My p-days are on mondays so I'll be emailing every week at this time.  It was way awesome to get everybody's emails!  Mi dasi every body!  I love you all so much!

Elder Kitchen

Language training:

Mi dasi means "thank you"
Mi dasi bae bri  means "thank you very much"
Akwaaba is a greeting such as "welcome"
Ye do mo paa  means "we love you"
Me do mo paa means "I love you"
 Wehutisein (sp?) means "how are you?"
 Me hoy ye  means "I am fine"
 Afishyapa (sp?) means Merry Christmas!

Hi Mom!
That blog is pretty cool!  They weren't really teaching me any languages in the MTC but I've learned a little bit of stuff in Twi. When you say "Twi", it sounds more like you are saying "tree."  It's kinda weird.  I hope school is going good.  How often do you have to go up there?  My p-day's are on mondays so that is when I will be writing every week.  That would be great if Meg and Will would write me an email.  Will would absolutely love it here!  There are hundreds of lizards running around.  There are also a bunch of frogs, dogs, and chickens everywhere.  I always think of Will when we are walking around.  He would love it here.  Also, Meg would love it because they all have hair extensions.  It is pretty funny because you walk around and there are hair salons everywhere and they all of fake hair extensions in the windows.  Also, I already told everybody but the best way to send stuff is those flat rate envelopes.  They don't open those or charge a duty on them.  Anything in a box they will open are you have to pay to get it.  Everybody here speaks Twi, I forgot to put this in the big email but all of the little African kids call us Oburoni's which means white person.  It's pretty funny.  Elder Hernandez taught me to call them bibanies because that means black person.  It's like a game to all of them.  It is cool, I've already gotten people just yelling, "Elder Kitchen!" as I walk by.  It's pretty funny.  So I hope everything is going good!  I love you mom and love to get emails from you! Thanks!

Love, Elder Kitchen 

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