Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sister Shulz, Elder Kitchen, President Shulz

Elder Kitchen with all the new missionaries at the Mission Home
before leaving for their first assignment.

We hope you will enjoy this picture of your missionary arriving at the Mission Home.  We are so please to have Elder Kitchen in the Ghana Cape Coast Mission.  We appreciate your efforts in preparing him for this mission.
His first assignment will be with Elder Hernandez in the Sunyani Zone.  We are grateful for his willingness to dedicate this time to the Lord and know he will come to love his service here.  We have taught him that he is literally the representative of the Savior to the people in his area.  We have promised him that as he strives to do what the Savior would do each day, he will steadily become more like the Master whom he is serving.
Missionaries love to hear from those at home.  Letters are a valuable aid in helping them to be happy and do their best.  Therefore, we encourage you to write often.  
Thank you for sharing your son with us.  We consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to serve with him and will delight to see him progress spiritually as he learns to love and serve our Heavenly Father's children here in Ghana.

President Shulz
Ghana Cape Cost Mission

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